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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Four Day catch up - Shoreham to Fishbourne January 24th to 27th 2015

3 days away from the internet!


Saturday 24th January 2015
Cycled to Shoreham and explored the south edge of the Adur estuary RSPB reserve, viewing the houseboats. Hamish's were still there and as creative as ever. His house boats include a coach on one with washing machine windows, a fire engine on another and a Robin reliant on another!

 A long cycle from here to Horsham included a stop at a Triumph motorcycle shop to look at Bonnevilles.
A fabulous evening with my cousin Honor and her husband Ian with a visit to my over 90 year old Uncle Harold, ended the day. Lots of WW1 memorabilia from my Dad's dad, my grandfather to look at and marvel at the fact he survived, just.

 Sunday 25th January 2015.

Eventually cycled to Pulborough Brooks RSPB reserve, after pulling myself away from the wonderful company of Honor and Ian.
Met the famous birder, Garry Bagnall and enjoyed his company and chat.

 No sign of the tundra bean goose seen here the day before but enjoyed the birding nonetheless.

Monday 26th January 2015.

Treecreeper started the day at Pulborough Brooks and another for the Green Year list, now at 123.

 The morning was spent birding here before the cycle ride to Amberley Wildbrooks RSPB and Sussex reserve and on to the WWT reserve at Arundel.


 43 bird species at Pulborough compared with 31 at Arundel.
Onward to Littlehampton to try to find the Kumlein's gull, unsuccessfully and a bit of luck in finding a lovely B and B, Victoria Hotel. Diana's collection of shells and Toby jugs, amongst other clutter and the general old-fashioned feel to the place was delightful. Diana being the proprietor.

Tuesday 27th January 2015

Breakfast not until 8.30am so an hour or so spent searching for the Kumelin's gull again and again unsuccessful.
Breakfast was immense and after debating climate change with the forthright Diana, I found the rare gull as it was flying near to the mouth of the river. Unfortunately it was flying into the sun and went off a long way east. I followed it carefully though as it turned and headed back towards me. More bad luck came as it went off over the back of the buildings out of view. I cycled around and tried the river side but to no avail. Only the worst of photographs obtained.
Cycled to Pagham via Bognor Regis and pushed the bike along the harbour wall that makes a route through the Pagham Harbour nature reserve.
Very low tide so all waders were at a distance but a large group of Brent geese flying nearby was impressive.
Into the RSPB visitor's centre nearby for a hot chocolate and then up to Selsey Bill.
To the new RSPB reserve at Medmerry but no sign of the reported spoonbills. What a change to this area! Five years ago lorries were transporting shingle along a compacted road adjacent to the beach. Now there are large lagoons and a breech in the shingle to allow the high tide waters to enter the reserve. Superb habitat and an area that will only improve as it matures.
Having seen the changes at Wallsea Island and now Medmerry, I can but just reflect with wonder how brilliant the RSPB and their partners are in creating these mega reserves.
Gritty cycleways and a busy main road to tonight's B and B, The Woolpack at Fishbourne where my room is named after Tiberius! Well Fishbourne does have the amazing Fishbourne Roman Villa.

Photos to come.

All the best everyone. xx

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