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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Barns and Barns Friday the 13th

Friday 13th February

An unlucky day, Friday the 13th? Well torrential rain followed by a gale in the face didn't start things off too well. Mind you I do love a wild sea and that was definitely what was hitting Dawlish Warren beach when I had a very optimistic look there for the dipped on Bonaparte's gull there after breakfast.
The next piece of bad luck as another inner tube breaking as I was going downhill into Teignmouth. Something is going on here but I can't figure out what and I will be buying a new tyre etc when I reach a=the next cycle shop. Two cars stopping to ask whether I needed assistance was nice.
On reaching Labrador Bay RSPB reserve I pushed the bike around muddy fields before heavy rain had me retreat to a nearby barn. From within the dry confines I could watch the few birds around and saw a female cirl bunting on a hedgerow opposite. Bird number 143 for the year and a difficult one out of the way.
Cycling through Torquay and off to Totnes took up the rest of the day. Totnes was beautiful but the B and B I found had no one there and so I thought I would try to find a church porch to camp down in for the night. Instead with rain pouring down and the worst pot holes in the tarmac that I had seen all year, I found a cosy barn and moving a few bags of logs out of the way, I inflated my mattress, laid out my sleeping bag, got out my tablet and by the light from the bike, typed out a day's blog before sleeping for 10 hours!

Year list still stands at 143. Next it's a search for the male American wigeon on the Tamar Estuary at Saltash.

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All the very best everyone. Love to you all xx

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