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Monday, 2 February 2015

Goodbye to My Cousin and her son and a great 2 hours at Hazeley Heath RSPB Reserve.

Monday 2nd February

Well I eventually got going at 11.30am after a morning with my cousin Rosemary and her son Paschal. It had not only been great to have a rest but also catch up with them both. A few fun photographs outside her house before the goodbyes.
Through Farnborough from Ash Vale, I had forgotten about the famous air show at the famous airport. Soon reminded of it though as one of my favourite aircraft was in display outside the closed museum there, a Lightning.
In reasonably quick time, due to the lack of serious hills and almost no wind, I reached Hartley Witney and dived into a cafe there for buns and coffee with a spinach and feta slice. Delicious.
Going along the side of the common there was a rather unexpected sight, a pair of Egyptian geese. The story of these includes the initially sad tale of the death of the original male, killed by a car. The villagers then saved up and bought another male and happy they are now.
Also here was a speckled jackdaw, white spots especially on the under-carriage.
To Hazeley Heath RSPB reserve for a couple of hours exploring one of my favourite habitats, open heath with silver birch woodland. A close wren and a robin allowed me to take photos of them.
Then a group of 15 deer tried to hide in some gorse whilst watching me from a hillside opposite me.
Next it was down a lane to Wedgewood farm where I met Janet who told me that if I waited, at 4.30pm a tawny owl would come out. Sadly I couldn't afford to wait that long and contented myself by getting close to a group of very vocal Christmas survivors.
On the way back to the B road first a stonechat was seen and then the herd of deer, which were more out in the open than before. More photos!

The rest of the afternoon was spent cycling to where I am now, North Waltham, relaxing listening to the Yessongs concert.

Tomorrow I am going to try to catch up a day by visiting both Winterbourne and Normanton Downs RSPB reserves before getting to Salisbury. A long way to go but I need to catch up the two days I am behind.

Now please have a look at the photographs of today on my facebook page -

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Finally thanks to Rosemary and Paschal for their donation to the W&WT today.

All the very best everyone. Love to you all xx

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